About Me



I'm a leadership and career coach/consultant, solopreneur, and an enthusiastic 




I'm dedicated to helping individuals thrive by weaving the science of peak PEAK PERFORMANCE and 



A Brazilian-born world traveler based in New York, I feel lucky for the eclectic career background and education that have provided me with a broad perspective and set of skills to support my driving passion: human development.​
Working in politics taught me about the relevance of voice, presence, personal branding, and how to convey powerful messaging that makes an impact.​
In the beauty industry, I learned about honoring diversity and being a mirror for someone’s confidence. People thrive when you see and believe in them.​
Producing non-profit cultural projects confirmed my intuition about the force of group collaboration related to common causes. We all want to belong to something bigger than ourselves and will work hard with no monetary gain in the name of something we believe.  ​
As a coach, I understand the relevance of connecting, have mastered the skill of active listening, and realize the brutal truth about the never-ending nature of personal development.

Going back to school at an older age and getting my Master's degree in Psychology from Columbia University was one of the most indulging and mind-bending experiences of my life. It also reinforced an old commitment: I will never stop learning and investing in quality education.

Here we are!

Fun facts: Nine truths and a lie.

  1. I ran the NYC marathon without training.
  2. I have traveled to over 50 countries.
  3. I cooked a Brazilian dish for Almodovar (I'm not a chef).
  4. I spent ten days silently meditating 12 hours a day in Nepal.
  5. I used to be able to do a headstand without using my hands.
  6. I froze while speaking at a UN event for 500 people.
  7. I played professional soccer for seven years.
  8. I have played guitar (Brazilian music) since I was 10.
  9. I almost got killed in a misidentification interaction with the police while visiting Zanzibar.
  10. I traveled to London for 24 hours to attend a Rolling Stones concert.


Ana was an inspiration! She was on point and led me through a professional transformation. She is easy to work with but also will intentionally push the limits and your comfort zone for the purpose of unlocking new internal growth. I reached out to Ana because I joined a large corporate environment in a leadership position, and was feeling the imposter syndrome. She guided me right out of it. It felt like she provided an imaginary mirror where I could more clearly see my value and reflect on my own self-worth, which helped me tremendously. Highly recommend working with Ana!